Hot Cutters

Hot cutters are used to provide a consistent straight melted edge to projects requiring a heat sealed edge.  We are fortunate to be able to offer the top of line Sheffield brand hot cutters!  These manual cutters will allow you to quickly seal the edge of your ribbon or webbing while also cutting.  

The HC-2 is recommended for cutting ribbons and when you will only be cutting small amounts of webbing.  It is great because it will quickly heat up and can be turned right back off.  It would be a great investment for a hair-bow maker!  

The HC-5 is recommended for cutting larger amounts of webbing.  Although the HC-5 will cut ribbons, it is more heavy duty and you won't really need it, the HC-2 will do for that use.  The HC-5 would be a great addition to a pet-product maker's workshop! It would give a clean straight edge that would look much more professional than an edge heat-sealed by flame.

If you want to discuss the cutters or have more questions, please email: or call (805)441-2118